Rinpoche´s teachings

His Eminence Loden Sherab Dagyab Kyabgoen Rinpoche came to Germany in response to an invitation from Bonn University in 1966. He worked there for 38 years doing research and publishing books and papers, as well as teaching. After several requests from people in Germany for Buddhist teachings, Rinpoche started to give teachings in the West which led to the founding of Choedzong Buddhist Center in Erlangen, Bavaria in 1984. After 21 years Rinpoche decided to restructure the organization in an effort to preserve the Tibetan tradition and to promote cultural exchange with the West in the tradition of Tibet House in New Delhi, New York, Barcelona and London. Thus in 2005 the organization moved to Frankfurt am Main as Tibethaus.


Rinpoche im Tibethaus Deutschland

Rinpoche at Tibethaus Germany

Rinpoche has since given Dharma teachings in many parts of the world including Holland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, America, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Tibet. In his teachings he emphasizes the importance of practicing the Buddha Dharma in a simple way without cultural bias and he greatly encourages his students to integrate Buddhist practice into daily life. He teaches in German, English and Tibetan language.


Rinpoche himself received many teachings from different Tibetan Buddhist traditions, particularly from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his two Tutors, as well as His Holiness Sakya Trizin and Kalu Rinpoche. He is known to hold the most transmissions of the Gelugpa lineage, as well as a vast number of transmissions of the Sakya and Kagyu schools.


In 1980, when travel restrictions to Tibet were lifted by the Chinese government, Rinpoche was able to make several visits to Tibet. Out of these the Dagyab Association (Dagyab e.V) was born. Since then he supports his homeland Dagyab Province with various projects in education, medicine, art, nunneries and monasteries.