Monasteries in Dagyab

Kloster in Magön

Monastery in Magoen


There are two main monasteries in Dagyab, Magoen (ma-dgon), which means "mother monastery" located in Yendun (dByen-'dum), and Bugoen (bu-dgon) “daughter monastery” located in Jamdün (Byams-mdun). Magoen was founded by the 4th Dagyab Kyabgoen Lobsang Namgyal (1693-1750) and had 1500 monks. These monks were housed in 32 "Khangtsen" which were smaller communities where the monks lived and studied together. Bugoen eventually consisted of 1700 monks, who lived in 12 different Khangtsen.


Landschaft in Yendüm

Landscape in Yendum


Even though Dagyab Labrang was not a part of the monastery itself, the General Assembly Halls of both Magoen and Bugoen were located on the ground floors of the "Red Palaces" (see Dagyab Labrang). Each of the "Red Palaces" in Magoen and Bugoen were surrounded by the Khangtsens, as well as several other assembly halls, shrine rooms and administrative offices. The monks of Magoen and Bugoen came from monasteries in the countryside.