Projects in Dagyab

With the help of Dagyab Association two primary level boarding schools for nomad children have been built near the settlements of Sershongthang and Tsarasumdo in the remote southern part of Dagyab. These nomad areas are vast and at very high elevations. Many people live year-round in tent communities while moving from one pasture to the next.


Internatsgrundschulen für Nomadenkinder

Primary level boarding school for nomad children in Sershongthang

Living conditions are hard and simple, and the climate is very harsh. Due to the changing locations of the families and long distances, it was a necessity to create the schools as boarding schools. There are currently 176 children enrolled in the schools with ten Tibetan teachers and seven staff members employed for cooking, etc. Classes are all day from September through May and include Tibetan, mathematics, natural history, geography, history, music and technology. Chinese is taught as a second language starting from the third year.


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