The primary goal for the Tibetan Medicine Project is to considerably improve the medical care for the people in Dagyab. In that respect the main focus is to facilitate the training of traditional medical doctors. The largest institute for Tibetan Medicine was built in 1999 in Bugön, in the traditional Tibetan style, and served exclusively as a medical training institute with up to 120 students. 58 doctors completed their training there and they are now serving the various communities in Dagyab. In that respect, the project was very successful.


In 2004 the second generation of students (56 in number) had to move to Yenduem under the order of the local Chinese government administration to further their education there at a government run Tibetan Medical School. The Tibetan Medical Training Institute in Bugoen was changed into a regular hospital. Currently, a department for mother-and-child care is being established by a very dedicated young midwife. The goal is to open an obstetrics department according to Traditional Tibetan Medicine within the hospital, as most women give birth at home without any qualified help. Therefore, the mortality rate for newly born babies is considerably high. For further information about the Midwives Project and how you can help, please go to www.


With the help of Dagyab e.V. also in the capital of Magoen, Yendum, a Tibetan Medical Institute was built. Currently, there are four Tibetan medical doctors, one monk from Magoen and three former students of the Bugoen Institute. Yendum inhabitants welcomed this medical center with great enthusiasm as they now have access to affordable Tibetan medical care.


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